Some of our ladies choose to work on the projects with our men, while others enjoy using their craft skills to complete mission projects and still others visit local nursing homes or get involved in other local mission projects; but whatever they decide to do, it is the lady’s choice.  Below are a few examples of projects that have been accomplished lately.


Knitted or crocheted dishcloths are made and arranged into a gift basket to present to the church kitchen in appreciation to the ladies who prepared meals and served our VCB workers.

Pillow case dresses and shorts have been made for children in Africa and sent with a missionary who has visited our group several times. Donated fabric and trim is used for these items, and you can let your creative skills shine in this project. If you do not sew, there are cutting and ironing jobs that help speed the process. Great fellowship is enjoyed by all who participate.

Sleeping mats are crocheted from plastic bags and given to homeless shelters or sent to Africa to be used in their mission efforts. You may have seen the article in Mature Living that told about several organizations making these mats. If you are interested in this project, one of our ladies will be happy to get you started.

Diapers and blankets are made from used T-shirts, and then sent on mission trips with a group from one of the encampments on which we work.

A banner is often made to present to the church where we are working. One of our ladies leads this project, but any lady can help in the making of the banner. Churches are always so appreciative of the banner and proudly display it in their new building.

The Lord has jobs for all who are willing to make themselves available to His work. Come join us in the excitement and sweet fellowship He blesses us with as we work in VCB.