About Us

The members of Volunteer Christian Builders invest more than their vacations and time in service to churches across the nation. This organization began as the Builders for Christ in 1963 when a small church in Colorado asked a group of friends to come and help build a church building. It was much like an old-fashioned barn raising in pioneer days. Many church and retiree groups continue to go and assist numerous churches each year. The group was reorganized in 1980 as the Volunteer Christian Builders. That original group of half a dozen families has now grown to more than 800 families.

Volunteers of all ages and walks of life pitch in and do any type of manual labor they are asked to do. A college professor may be bearing one end of a sheet of plywood while a retired postal employee carries the other end. One common goal binds all volunteers together: the desire to help Christian camps and financially challenged Christian congregations build a building they could not afford without volunteer labor.

VCB is as a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization with no paid employees. It is organized under a Board of Directors and officers. All operating funds come from donations by individuals and churches. The Volunteer Christian Builders’ name and logo is exclusively for our use and is protected by federal copyright and trademark laws.

In Volunteer Christian Builders, no assignments are made to any Crew Chief, nor to any member, as to the projects on which they will participate. When the working members who have volunteered to work a project arrive at the project site, it is the first time someone in VCB is subject to being assigned a particular task to perform. By volunteering to work the project, the VCB member is agreeing to accept direction from the Crew Chief and/or his assistant.

Individuals can bring their own personal tools. They pay their own expenses to each project, must be self supporting, as well as have adequate accident and hospitalization coverage. VCB provides each crew leader with a supply of tools or an outfitted tool trailer that is used on each project.

Many families stay in personal RV’s, usually on the church site, while others are invited into the homes of the local congregations or stay in facilities at the camp at which they are volunteering. Not only do the volunteers feel rewarded by knowing they have been of service, they have also made many lasting friendships.

Volunteer Christian Builders offers the opportunity to grow in Christ through fellowship and obedience to God’s call to missions. Volunteers travel short or long distances, working on one or two-week projects through out the year.

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