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Volunteer Christian Builders “Travel with a Purposeand offer the opportunity to grow in Christ through fellowship with other Christians and in obedience to God’s call to missions. 

While on a project, VCB members stay in personal RVs on the job site, homes of local church members or encampment facilities. Volunteers feel rewarded knowing they have been of service to the Lord, and other Christians to further the Lord’s Kingdom.

VCB has two types of Volunteer Groups:  Retirees and Non-Retirees

Retiree Groups

Retirees usually spend two weeks working on a project, often taking a week off after the project and returning to that same project for another two weeks.  After the project is over they move on, some return home while others go to another scheduled project of their choice.

Non-Retiree Groups
Non-retiree families coordinate part of their vacation time to donate a week to work on a church or encampment project. VCB has several Non-Retiree Groups some of which are sponsored by churches in Texas at Henderson, Angleton, Weatherford, Cy- Fair, Grapevine, Allen and another group in Marietta, Oklahoma, and others.

Any VCBer is invited to work on any VCB project, whether it is a retiree project or non-retiree project.  It is customary in VCB for a member to contact the listed Crew Chief and ask to be put on the job list due in part to space limitations that often occur.

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