VCB Women’s Ministry

The women of VCB are an integral part of the organization. The ladies have been very busy over the past several months, not only helping with the jobs by painting, helping with cabinets, doing drop ceilings and filling in wherever they are needed, but also through their mission efforts.

A big part of what the women do has a direct connection with missions:

-Over 100 pillowcases have been made for a family crisis center.

-Baby blankets/quilts and burp cloths have been made for multiple pregnancy crisis centers.

-Bible bags have been made for a church ministry.

-75 chemo hats have been distributed.

– Over 500 pencil pouches have been made.

-Over 300 pillowcases dresses and many boy’s pants have been made and distributed.

-Literally hundreds of feminine products and kits have been made and distributed, not only to missionaries, but by our members who went to Nicaragua and aided in the education of young girls.

The lives of these young ladies are being changed and the love of Jesus shown through each and every effort made by the VCB ladies.

We are currently jumping into a new ministry with an organization called “Days for Girls”. Several of our ladies have spent countless hours acquiring the equipment, instructions and qualifying our VCB team as a chapter.Through our chapter we can order supplies at a greatly reduced price which helps us to reach more young ladies.

The primary focus of this organization is to keep young ladies in school. In many of the third world countries the girls have to stay home once they begin their monthly cycle because they do not have a way to take care of themselves. Through a kit, they have everything they need to stay in school.

At the recent VCB board meeting, the machines to do the cutting were paid for and now we begin the training of our members to sew these products. There are expenses to put these kits together and there are things that you can do to help this effort. We need the following:

  1. Women to sew the products. ( Join Us )
  2. Soap – the small soap size that hotels use is perfect
  3. Gallon zip lock freezer bags
  4. Knitted or crochet wash cloths

Donations to the women’s ministry which can be made by clicking on the Donate button above.