Project Request Form

Joel Fischer

Project Information Coordinator,

28122 Ivy Oaks Lane, Splendora, TX 77372, 281-380-0142

Before filling out this form please read VCB Project Guidelines for Institutions requesting help from Volunteer Christian Builders.This guideline will give you a comprehensive explanation of what is required, CLICK HERE 

The mission of Volunteer Christian Builders is to advance the Lord’s Kingdom by assisting Bible-believing, -teaching, and -practicing churches, encampments, seminaries and other institutions, especially in pioneer areas, by providing volunteer labor to construct buildings for worship and other Kingdom-building activities. Thus the VCB Project Information Coordinator has been instructed by the VCB Board of Directors to obtain answers to the following questions, and compare them to the standards established by the Board, prior to submitting any Project Questionnaire submitted by a church, encampment, seminary or other institution, to our Crew Chiefs for their consideration.

Therefore, the pastor/director should answer  questions 1 thru 8 below.

If you want a copy of the form after you fill it out, Please right click mouse here, choose print. 

For a list of the projects VCB has worked the 12 months and a contact name & number for each of them, Click Here