Welcome. Here’s What We’re All About:

Our mission is to advance the Lord’s Kingdom by assisting Bible-believing, -teaching and -practicing churches, encampments, seminaries and other institutions, especially in pioneer areas, by providing volunteer labor to construct buildings for worship and other Kingdom-building activities.

What We Do

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We can take a concrete slab or a metal building with bare walls to a place ready for worship and studying God’s word. Or we can add on to an existing building, or many other variations.

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Join a group of fellow Christians helping other Christians. Volunteers of all ages and walks of life pitch in with one common goal that binds all volunteers together, the desire to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Volunteer Christian Builders offers the opportunity to grow in Christ through fellowship and obedience to God’s call to missions. Volunteer Christian Builders is open to everyone. No special skills are needed, only a willingness to serve.


Please Note:
VCB only works on projects within the United States and Canada.
VCB is as a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) organization with no paid employees. It is organized under a Board of Directors and officers. All operating funds come from donations by individuals and churches. 

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